Muscular Reflexology has been developed over the last 15 years. By systematically first to examine the body´s muscle tension, then explore mirror images of the area on the feet, it is possible to locate most of the zones of the body´s muscles. Muskular Reflexology evolves - as well with more discoveries, but also by the refinement of the individual zones and techniques.
The training courses consists of 2 modules.
Muskular Reflexology part 1, who build the basic understanding, localization of the individual muscles, how tension in the individual muscle zone shall be felt and how it can be translated into treatment.
In module 1 you learn in principle to perform a massage of the body via the muscular zones.
Muscular Reflexology part 2 - who teaches you to see the body´s tension as an expression of imbalance in the energy system, and therefore shows the way to a better and more durable treatment.
Muscular Reflexology also offers immersion. Join, for example, FOCUS ON - days. Learn about Jawproblems or the big joints - hip and schoulder.
Student opinions;
"Super course, as I have been able to use every day since I took it, so I would definitely recommend anyone who is passionate about the reflexology."
"Indispensable in the daily treatment of clients´issues."
"Once again BIG thanks for a great course. It has awakened creativity and given me much greater satisfaction. And last but not least, made my clients much more happy and satisfield."​


Muskulær Zoneterapi del 1

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